“I am fortunate to have been the proud owner of one of Philip Sawyer’s splendidly designed and produced coats from several years ago.  It is by far the most stylish, unique and attractive coat I have ever possessed.  This is a coat that would turn heads, even in New York!  And not just for its overall impression from afar, but also the fine detailing close-up.  It was apparent to everyone who saw it that this garment was created with loving care.”  

    ERIC, New York City


“Dear Philip,

I greatly appreciate your expertise and design in the production of my fine ‘Philip Sawyer’ shirt.  It far surpasses any other tailor-made shirt that I have purchased… not that I have purchased that many, but there IS a difference in tailor-made clothing.  In short, I love my new shirt!  The fit is perfect and the color is just right.  Thank you….  Hope your business continues to grow and that you will one day have a line of clothing that is known around the world.”  

    JIM, Arizona


“What I like best about Philip Sawyer’s shirts are his attention to detail and their creative and usually subtle style….  The stitching is precise and pleasant to the eye; in fact, it is artistic.”  

    SCOTT, Colorado